DIY Christmas Challenge- Christmas Lights Craft Inspiration

DIY Christmas Challenge- Christmas Lights Craft Inspiration

From handmade Christmas stars to feature on your living room wall or festive light up balls for your garden pathway, we have gathered our favourite home Christmas Light Crafts from Pinterest. Personalised DIY Christmas crafts can make your families day even more special and a perfect project for those that like to save money too!

This time of year is the most popular time for home DIY and crafts and the above ideas are some of the most simple but pretty creations. Using basic wood dowels, white string fairy lights and natural cable ties you can create a handmade Christmas star for your home. One of our favourite Christmas Light crafts are the festive balls. These can easily be created using two caged flower baskets tied together to create the sphere, black spray paint and string fairy lights attached to finish off.

Each of these ideas can be created by you at home and to prove it, we at Go Cable Ties challenged 5 parent and craft bloggers to a DIY Christmas challenge to help show how easy it is to brighten up your home on the cheap!

We sent each blogger some basic materials and fairy lights to help them create a Christmas masterpiece. You can see each bloggers creations by visiting their blogs here:

Adam at

Vicky at

Ashley at

Richard at

Leslie at

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